Berrad Fneideq acts as an outreach center. Outreach provides technical information and support to farmers in addition to providing other services that enhance their production given their limited resources.

Outreach services are delivered by the Facility Manager and supported by the Agriculture Coordinator in Emkan head office. These services are housed by the facility and include field visits to farmers’ orchards.


  • Target: Farmers & Other Stakeholders
  • Topics: Cultural Practices, Harvest and Post-harvest Procedures
  • Aim: Enhance Quality and Increase Quantity of Production
  • Trainer: Extension officer of Emkan or extension agent present in Fneideq cold storage facility.
  • Frequency & location: Trainings are conducted periodically in the facility premises and through field visits.

These trainings act as means to stay in close contact with farmers and stakeholders, thus providing the extension agent a better understanding of the local needs.


  • Target: Farmers & Other Stakeholders
  • Topics: Demonstrations of proper cultural practices
  • Aim: Increasing quality and quantity of product with farmers conducted during trainings.
  • Location: Demonstrations may be applied in a demo-plot assigned by EMKAN or by a lead farmer who is willing to allocate a part of his orchard for demonstration purposes. .

Ideal practices and conditions are to be applied in the chosen plots to reveal effect on quality and quantity.

Outreach Service on Request

  • Outreach services are provided by the cold storage facility on request.
  • The extension officer based in the cold storage facility is in direct contact with farmers and in a day-to-day follow up with them. The officer observes any problem farmers are facing, analyzes it, researches about causes and recommends solutions. The officer might ask for technical support from research centers, consultants and other sources he considers beneficial.

Determining Maturity Indices

  • This activity provides farmers with scientific means to determine proper harvesting time. Consequently, maturity indices are scheduled periodically in order to determine optimal harvesting dates for the region of Fneideq.

Soil Sampling

Emkan may help in two ways:

  1. Provide the linkage between farmers and the laboratory centers,
  2. Train the farmer on soil sampling and delivering them to the laboratories. 

The cost of the analysis is paid by the farmer*.
*The prices of soil tests in these centers are made affordable to farmers.

Variety Selection

Studies and recommendations concerning variety selection are done by the extension officer in the facility. They are based on certain factors: soil analysis, weather conditions, disease susceptibility and sensitivity, and market needs. 

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