Souk Akkar (SA) is a fruits and vegetables wholesale market in the Akkar region, which is the second largest agriculture production region in Lebanon. The facility was established in order to market fresh agricultural produce to help sustain the development of both farmers and traders.
Emkan (NGO) launched Souk Akkar operations on January 22nd, 2014 as a privately owned commercial entity licensed by the Ministry of Economy and Trade and registered with the Commercial Register.
The market is situated in Qobbet Bshamra, Akkar, near Bebnine and Al Abdeh roundabout, at only 200 meters from an international major road that provides easy access to Tripoli, Beirut and the northern border with Syria. It is also strategically located near Qlayaat Airport (3 km), expected to be re-operated as an air cargo hub, and at only 20 km away from the Port of Tripoli. The site covers an area of 36,197 m² on a plot that measures 59,120 m2 constituting one parcel. The remaining area of 22,923 m² is allocated to a newly established facility “Akkar Agricultural Center (AAC)”, which accommodates cold storage and packaging facilities, in addition to other functions to complement the development of the agricultural sector.

Emkan’s main purposes for founding the Souk are as follows:

  • Enhance farmers’ and traders’ income
  • Promote grading and food safety practices
  • Promote quality control procedures and good agricultural practices
  • Induce demand-driven production
  • Increase the volume of Akkar produce traded within Souk Akkar
  • Enable higher value addition
  • Reduce post-harvest losses
  • Encourage transparent and fair-trade practices around the market place
  • Encourage appropriate marketing links to national and international markets
  • Facilitate export

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