Souk Akkar is entrusted to organize all the operational aspects needed to ensure a well-organized and cost effective sustainable wholesale market for fruits and vegetables. Among these aspects are the following:


Leasing wholesale shops

Souk Akkar is constructed with a quality infrastructure: 66 market outlets and a sorting & packaging area as per the below:

  • 63 Shops are leased  on a 3-year contract basis with the possibility of renewal
  • 2 adjacent shops are leased as a cafeteria/restaurant on a 3-year lease basis
  • 1 shop for the marketing of honey and homemade processed traditional products

Operating Hours

  • 24/7
  • Major Holidays: Closed (one day only)

Security and Traffic Control

The Market provides 24/24 hours of security, 7 days a week, and controls traffic during working hours.



  • Electricity and water supply are provided on a continuous basis.
  • In addition to the electric sub-station from the public grid, standby generators are available as backup and their maintenance is outsourced.
  • An alternative solar energy efficiency system is being installed to decrease fuel costs and reduce impact on the environment in cooperation with UNDP and the EU.
  • Water supply is provided from a deep tube well with necessary filtering and treatment.

Cleaning and Hygiene Standards

  • Janitors work in two teams, over 8-hour shifts, to carry out the necessary cleaning activities throughout Market facilities.
  • A private company collects Souk Akkar waste on daily basis as feasible for operations.


Specific parking areas are designated for Souk Akkar staff, tenants and their employees, farmers, buyers and visitors.


Produce Pricing Policy

The pricing policy follows both the commission sales method and the private treaty method (mutual negotiation), as conducted by wholesalers, traders and farmers

























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