Services Objectives
Providing apple farmers with quality cold storage services
  • Better management of harvest yields
  • Extend availability in the domestic market
  • Enhance income opportunities
  • Reduce post-harvest losses
  • Extend product shelf life

Provide technical agricultural support and postharvest managerial skills to apple farmers:

  • Enhance quality production
  • Enhance quantity and marketability of produce
  • Proper post-harvest handling techniques.

Operational Processes

Apple Storage services are provided for 6 months (September to March). This period may be extended up to 7 months if new cultivars are introduced and proper cultural practices are applied during the production stage, harvest and post-harvest practices.  

Process Flow

Berrad Fneideq adheres to the following process flow shown below. This flow is best practiced when harvest and postharvest practices, including transportation to storage, are done with great care and with minimal physical damage. 


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