Fneideq is a town located in the Akkar district, Northeast of Tripoli, among a cluster of villages named Jurd el Qayteh. In 2011, Emkan established a cold storage facility, Berrad Fneideq, to provide the farmers with cold storage services to store their apple produce. Berrad Fneideq consists of 2 large rooms, each with a total capacity of 9,000 boxes, and 4 small rooms, each with a total capacity of 4,000 boxes. Overall capacity is 34,000 crates.

The Facility is essential for extending the shelf life and the marketing period of apple produce in the region, in order to avoid oversupply during harvest season and to obtain more favorable prices.

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Providing apple farmers with quality cold storage services.

Provide technical agricultural support and postharvest managerial skills to apple farmers:

  • Extension Programs
  • Good Agricultural Practices Disseminations
  • Sorting and Packaging
  • Cold Transportation
  • Marketing Assistance



  • Better management of harvest yields
  • Extend availability in the domestic market
  • Enhance income opportunities
  • Reduce post-harvest losses

  • Enhance quality production
  • Enhance quantity and marketability of produce
  • Proper post-harvest handling techniques.


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