In light of the worsening economic crisis in Lebanon, scarce work opportunities, the decline of the Lebanese currency, inflation, port blast, absence of government, consecutive natural and manmade disasters, fuel and basic goods crisis, and the Covid-19 crisis, Lebanon is witnessing its most tragic era and decline. More than 75% of the entire population are below the poverty, food prices soared by more than 600% while the minimum wage fell below 50 USD. In response, Emkan & Beirut for Social Development launched a wide charitable activity aimed at helping the people of Lebanon in all available means and fields.

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    Covid Response  
    Cleaning package 4,600
    Oxygen Machines 41
    Hospital aid 2,100 Pieces
    Covid-19 Rapid Test 5,000
    Masks  (100 per person) 166000
    Total 13410

Medical Aid  
Medical Center 2 (2450 beneficiaries )
Blood Units 150
Chronic medication  350
Medications 6,920
Medical visits 4,000
IV units 1,200
Surgery  100
Various medical aid 3,000
Total 18170

Disaster Relief  
Response tent 55,760,000 LBP (4000 beneficiaries) 
Garbage cans 301
Renovation  409 houses
Renovation  7 mosques
Renovation  123 apartments 
Cleaning  320 workers
Clothing  6,000 pieces 
Provision of diesel  26 tons 
Total 12460

    Food Security  
    food package  9956 (1 per household)
    Fruits and Vegetables 60 Tons (5KG per household)
    Cattle  176 (200 KG each) (2KG per household)
    Iftar Meals  12,476
    Food vouchers  52,500,000 LBP (200,000 LBP per household)
    Water  1,200 boxes (1 per household)
    Ready Meals 15,000
    Bread 410000 (10 per household)
    Total 109,495

Financial Support   
Cash aid for Tripoli 50,000 USD
Aid for Hospitals  114,000 USD
Food vouchers  35,000 USD
Aid for Akroum 67,000 USD
Aid for Akkar  100,000 USD
Total 366000 USD

Diapers 800 boxes (50 each)
Milk  245 boxes (20 each)
Clothing  290 orphans 
Medication 940
Total  46130


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