Berrad Fneideq

Souk Akkar Co. SAL

A wholesale market for fruits and vegetables privately instituted in the second largest agricultural production area in Lebanon to facilitate horticultural marketing linkages through various channels.

Souk Akkar

Berrad Fneideq Co. SAL
Fneideq is a town located in the Akkar district, Northeast of Tripoli, among a cluster of villages named Jurd el Qayteh. In 2011, Emkan established a cold storage facility, Berrad Fneideq, to provide the farmers with cold storage services to store their apple produce.


Akkar Agriculture Center

Akkar Agricultural Center (AAC) is located next to Souk Akkar and covers an area of 22,000 m². The Kuwaiti Fund for Arab Economic Development (KFD) funded the construction of the center for the benefit of the Akkar region.

emkan outrach & extension programs


Emkan worked on developing programs whereby providing farmers with incentives in order for them to commit to acquiring new capacities, developing best practices and enhancing the quality of production process by implementing an IPM model.